Inside the Video-Big Narstie-@Sankeys MCR

On Friday the 19th of February we filmed Big Narstie’s performance at Sankeys nightclub. The club was literally sold out, packed full of eager fans waiting to see him.

The evening started out slowly with people trickling in, until around midnight when hundreds of people poured in. That was the moment we realised it was going to be a busy night, everyone was clearly looking forward to seeing Craig David’s protege.

Our aim for the night was to shoot a “sexy”, slick 1-2 minute promo video. Personally, we were also looking forward to fully testing out our new camera (the GH4) and it’s low light capability (which was definitely achieved), as well as shooting lots of slow motion.

We started out by shooting some safety shots: people entering, wides, close ups, mids etc. We then moved onto shots of people at the bar areas, smoking areas and really started focusing on the build up of the crowd. It was extremely dark within the club and this really tested the camera to the limit, but some interesting shots were achieved (intermittent strobe lighting meshed with slow-motion).

Big Narstie arrived into the performers area, everyone wanting to talk to him. He was hilarious as we had been fore-warned, but also much of what he said probably shouldn’t be repeated. He came across as incredibly supportive, even agreeing to take a photo with a local t-shirt producing company and their recent work.

When he arrived on stage the room almost exploded with excitement, everyone was crowded around so tight that the room began to feel like a sauna (with Big Narstie even removing his shirt at one point). Whilst working hard to capture what was needed for the video, it was also interesting to hear what Big Narstie had to offer. Personally we found ourselves preferring his individual work compared with the music he’s become famous for (collaborating with Craig David for example), and even though he’s not really our cup of tea music wise, it’s impossible to ignore the obvious talent he possesses.

Written by Ben Chapman

Edited by Michael Beech

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