How to reference a YouTube video Harvard style

We’ve had a couple of people wanting to use our YouTube posts as examples of how to produce a corporate video, and asking how to reference a YouTube video Harvard style. Searching on the internet it seems you cannot get a clear answer, and if you can you need to be a member of a particular University. So, if you’ve got a YouTube video to cite with Harvard referencing then carry on reading.

Harvard Referencing a YouTube Video In Text

When Harvard referencing a YouTube video with an in-text citation you should start by including the full name of the USERNAME that UPLOADED the video. This isn’t necessarily the person’s real name, just the username given. Nor is it name of the subject. So if it was an Ed Sheeran video uploaded by username ‘Big Danny’, then Big Danny would be the name you reference. Then include the year it was uploaded like so:

Big Danny, (2017)

If you are quoting directly from the video you should also include the time of quote, e.g.

Big Danny (2017, 00:20 – 00:30) ‘Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I’ll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance’.

The Reference List or Bibliography

For the full reference list or bibliography, you should follow the format:

Username, Year. Title. [online video] Available at: URL [Accessed Date].

So this would look like:

Big Danny, (2017). Shape of you: Ed Sheeran. [Online video] Available at: [Accessed: 01/07/2017]

Final Note

Whilst Harvard referencing is widely used in education, there are small variances between different institutions, and as such its worth checking your style guide too.

Tools like Cite This For ME can be used to easily generate and store your references whilst you work. However, you may need to edit the in-text citations and references themselves to meet your particular institutes style.

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