How To Create a Buzz around your event

Guide of the 7 different ways event videos can help make your event a success 

There are loads of different ways video can help make an event a success, here’s a few ideas about how different types of video (pre-event, full event coverage, livestreaming and promo videos of the event) create the kind of buzz which can sell-out an event:  

  1. Videos increase the number of people who turn up

A preview teaser of the event can help get more people to turn up, as video has a far better conversion rate than text alone. This can be done in the form of super-short, super-sexy 30 second teasers that gain attention on social media, emails or the website. Or, longer 3-5 minute videos that help convert people with a vague interest into bums on seats.

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  1. Videos increase the visibility of the event on social media

People are more likely to consume information from a video, share or like video posts, and actually enjoy a video than text or images alone. As a result, a snazzy video that’s well optimized and targeted to the audience could see your video multiply all over social media. This will lead to more awareness and visibility for your event, both in the run up and on the day. The most important thing about social media for businesses is the potential for your message to spread naturally. Video will increase this organic word of mouth (or word of internet) and really imprint the feel of the event in peoples’ minds.  

  1. Videos improve peoples’ experience at the event

When you’re filming a live event and its being projected live onto screens to either side of the stage, this can really help the view for people at the back. If you improve an attendee’s view, you improve their experience. If they have a better experience they are more likely to talk about it positively among friends, to tweet about it positively, and to come back next year. Even if you have a perfect view of the event, it really amplifies the visual experience of the show.  

  1. Get it out live on social media

This can be done in loads of ways but I’ll talk mainly about two – through a professional company, or on the average smartphone with something like Facebook live.

If a professional company does it the video will have a high-quality feel to it and allow an online audience to view the event at a similar visual and audio quality as if they were actually there. This is great, but can be fairly expensive and feel like you are giving the show away for free. Monetizing the feed is possible, but can be challenging to make work unless you have a very large base of dedicated fans.

Having someone in a good vantage spot with a decent smartphone using Facebook live is great and gives a real personal account of the event. However, it is also quite limiting and won’t necessarily give a professional view or quality-feel to the show.

While going live in any sense has massive potential – and Facebook viewers love it at the moment – it doesn’t give you the control over content and shots that non-live videos do. If someone messes up their words, or accidently swears, it will be instantly seen by your online audience and can reflect badly on the show or brand. Creative control vs instant exposure is definitely a balance you need to consider when looking at live video.

5. Increase the glitz and glamour of the day

Having a film crew physically present at an event instantly adds a sense of glamour. One example of this from events we’ve done is the Robbie Fowler event at the Kings Hall, Stoke. We had a Steadicam op following Robbie as he walked down the centre of room. This combined with everything else (like amazing lighting design) helped really hone in the focus of the event on his entrance. I mean Fowler really looked like Muhammad Ali entering the ring it was that good!

  1. Increasing talk-time and feel good feelings.

Who hasn’t watched a video of an event they have attended and really remembered the buzz, promising themselves to go again whilst looking for themselves in the audience? A video released a few weeks after an event can help keep people talking about it, showing all their friends and refreshing that feeling months afterwards. This will also help convince them to go back to the event to relive those moments.  

For some reason this reminds me of a presentation I saw about 9 years ago about the success of the Paddington bear commercials for marmite. People were already buying marmite, but with an exciting advert campaign it helped make the product stay in the front of their mind, and in the front of cupboard.. 

  1. Help build interest after the event, for the next event.

A committed and loving audience is a key part of the success of any event business, and definitely something you want to hang onto. Video is one way you can help grow the word of mouth/social media following of your event, and really help to put the second year of any annual event on the map. The cycle continues, and in many ways it’s easier to get people to a repeat of a successful event, than to come along to something new. Good promo videos of the year before make it far easier to market the event and make it a huge success.

Hopefully this blog has been useful to you, and can help you take your events business to the next level. Please join our email list here to get more great content, and if you have any more questions or there’s anything I can help you with, contact me and I’ll help you any way I can.

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