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Ben Chapman (BSc Hons)

Ben Chapman (BSc Hons)

Head of Production

I have a passion for filmmaking and love helping clients in Staffordshire and beyond grow their business through the power of video. I work with clients to develop their stories, and utilize my team to create well lit, innovative and moving videos that create the maximum effect. I have a slightly over-eccentric personality, and have been known to say on occasion that if I won the lottery I would still be making films.
Michael Beech (BSc Hons)

Michael Beech (BSc Hons)

Head of Post Production

My passion lies in piecing together the story of our clients in the editing process. It’s almost like a puzzle to me which is why I enjoy it so much, figuring out exactly which pieces need to go where in order to achieve the maximum impact of what our clients are trying to say to their audience. People often refer to me as OCD, but I believe it is this quality that helps to make me a better editor and storyteller.



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Mike – 07908508373

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