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SmartWitness – KP2 Product Reveal Video

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Inspirations and Processes Behind Creating Corporate Product Videos.

Above is the full KP2 product reveal video we were commissioned to produce for a company called SmartWitness. This was Tweeted out during their appearance at ‘The CV Show’ at the NEC, Birmingham. We are also currently working on an extended post-reveal video to come soon.

At the start of this recent project, we were approached with the idea of creating an “Apple style product video” for their new connected camera, the KP2. The main goals were to help sell the “beautiful design” of the product alongside it’s technological aspects, below you can find some examples of videos from Apple and Microsoft used as inspiration:

As you can see from this Apple Blink video, some inspiration has definitely been taken from this concept. As a teaser video, it is important to hone in on the core key points required to covey to potential buyers of the KP2 product. Where as with this video is very fast paced and in your face, we wanted a more slow paced and elegant approach.

With this Google Pixel video (which most of you have probably seen multiple times at your local cinema), this incorporates more of the tempo and feel that we wanted to get across in our KP2 video. Along with some really beautiful CADCAM shots, we also created some beautiful physical studio shot images to display a mix of styles.

KP2 Launch Video Edit Suite

Above is a visualisation of the edit suite during the video’s first draft, during the initial process of the edit it was important to layout clear beats and text placeholders in order to get the timing and rhythm of the video organised. Then it was a case of collecting and inserting footage from multiple shoots (product shots, in situation and CADCAM).

Whilst obviously the fine details of this process are infinitely more complicated than this, we feel it is both interesting and of value to our current/potential clients to have an insight into our creative processes (content and technical). Once all the footage was selected and roughly in place, it then became a chess match process of timing and re-timing.

Find out more about SmartWitness at:

Written by Michael J. Beech (Head of Post-production)


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